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Welcome to Champion Foundational Change Agency

Our mission is to bring out the best in your physical, mental and emotional performance so you can thrive, no matter what is going on around you. We are a whole health agency, specializing in the biggest health issues that are impacting our performance and wellbeing today: nutrition, sleep, movement, stress and unhealthy perfectionism.

You may have tried to solve many of these problems in the past using fad programs or cookie cutter plans only to come back to the same issues.

At Champion Change Agency we are committed to offering our clients customized and powerful evidence-based resources, practical and easy to implement practices and innovative tools that will foster positive lifelong sustainable changes.

Being a Champion is not always easy.

We know we need to eat better, sleep more, and move more. We know we need to take better care of ourselves mentally, physically and emotionally. Yet, life comes at us fast. And in this busy world it can often be difficult to stay consistent with living a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

With all the noise in the media with quick fixes and fad programs, you may not clearly see how to Champion yourself to improve your overall health and wellness.

Up until now…

Champion programs are designed to encourage you to make changes within yourself without pressure to “perform” for any one, including yourself.
Using the Champion programs, you’ll improve your health – mentally, physically and emotionally… no matter what’s going on around you.

At Champion Change Agency, we believe that everyone is a Champion with unique needs, wants and desires. As such, our programs and professional coaching methods are unique to each and every client. Ensuring that you’re treated as a unique individual with specific needs, is the key to discovering how to champion yourself and create sustainable habits and behaviors that will last the test of time.

Through powerful evidence-based resources, best practices and leading-edge tools around human performance and mindset we help foster solutions for positive behavioral changes that lead to optimal health and wellness.

Eat Better

Move Better

Improve Sleep

Restore Energy

Show Up Better

(gain confidence/authenticity)

Balance Emotions

Our Individual Programs

Champion Lifestyle

A whole health approach to improving your life.

Using leading edge tools and one on one coaching you receive a customized approach to addressing your health and wellness needs such as: nutrition, movement, sleep, stress and emotional regulation. When you eat right, move often, and get enough rest, your stress is greatly reduced and energy and wellbeing get a much-needed boost.

Champion Mindset

Mental energy is the focus you bring to everyday life.

When you foster a Champion Mindset you summon can bring out your pure authenticity, confidence and Inner Champion so you can thrive in an imperfect world.

Champion Coaching

Professional Coaching with a focus on regulating emotional energy, prioritizing self-care and creating sustainable positive habits and behaviors.

Unlock your own Inner Champion through laser focused and no nonsense, yet compassionate confidential coaching with Ann-Marie Flinn. Learn how to harness positive feelings in any situation to achieve peak performance.

Now more than ever in our lifetime is it more important to take care of your mental, physical and emotional wellness and well-being. Resilience is imperative to bounce forward in this new era.

With Champion Foundational Change Agency, you will build your physical, mental and emotional resilience and confidence so you can thrive in this imperfect world.

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