Champion Your Team to Wellness

Champion Your Team to Wellness
Mental health awareness for the pandemic workplace

Proactively lead mental wellness

As the pandemic powers on in parts of the world, many individuals, leaders and organizations continue to feel deep fatigue and burnout.

According to a recent study from the Global Wellness Institute, 78% of people said the pandemic has been a significant source of stress in their life.

Our collective mental UNWELLNESS is a public health crisis.

This past 18 months has underscored our need to embrace and support mental health and wellbeing where we work, where we live and where we play.

As a leader in your world, how can you prepare yourself your community and/or your organization to facilitate mental wellbeing?

Attend the Champion your team to wellness Webinar

Join me for a 90-minute webinar on how to Champion Mental Wellbeing for your team in the post-pandemic workplace.

You will learn simple practices, useful education and action steps on:

  • Understand stress (good stress and bad stress) and its physical calling signs
  • Trauma is more prevalent in our world than we realize.  How can we create more understanding around it?
  • Practice evidence-based tools to minimize unhealthy stress
  • Psychological Safety and it’s importance in a thriving organization and society
  • Reframing words to shift from problem focus to outcome focus and so much more!

Wellbeing is an endurance sport

As leaders, you can help people prepare to make mental wellness central to their lives, communities and workplaces.

You get to Champion mental wellbeing, encourage self-care, and facilitate expansive conversation around normalizing mental health and wellbeing.

Be a part of creating a mentally well future today.
Transforming to a mentally well society is an endurance sport, not a sprint. This webinar aims to help you prepare yourself and others when reaching the hurdles.

January 13th, 2022 @1PM AST

Cost for each event is $47/person – space is limited